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Kloud & Co., takes pride in providing seamless I.T services to its clients. We offers cloud and on-site IT services and solutions. Our experts have years of field experience helping business with their I.T requirements.  Our smart, modern and cost effective I.T intuitive design and ramp up processes are designed to help your business grow.



Empowering Remote Workers !

Modern Desktop

The name says it all, Modern Desktop. It is a secure, productive and efficient way of working. With the use of Modern Desktops improved security end user devices are always secured. Call us today and ask for a demo !

Office 365

We have partnered with Microsoft to bring you Office 365 products and services that can help your business grow. Our cloud experts will work with you to choose the right services. Call us today for a free consultation and demo !

Cloud Backups

We provide enterprise grade cloud backup solutions to help protect our customers data in cloud and on-site. Often businesses ignore the risks of data loss, until it is too late, protect your business today !

Remote Workers

Want to enable your staff to have remote access, no problems. Our solutions expert can help design a secure, reliable & cost effective custom solution as per your business requirements. Find out more, we one phone call away !


Our security experts put lots of effort and hard work to design a solution. One solution does not fits all, that is why we spend time and effort to understand the business requirements before providing a secure, reliable and cost effective solution !

Data Security

We offer industry leading security software products from leading vendors to help secure your business data. Securing business data and devices is an important step towards securing intellectual property. Businesses often put security on back burner!


Empower your staff with the right tools for the job. Our business team has partnered with number of suppliers and vendors to bring the software your business needs. We sell perpetual and subscription base licesnses. Talk to our sales team member today !


We have number to partnerships in place to bring you the best hardware deals. We can supply brand new and refurbished hardware as per your business requirements. Talk to our hardware sales member today and ask for obligation free quote !

Require a Website/Mobile App

Highly professional website and mobile apps solutions
to give you business a competitive edge !

Want to enable remote Working

Secure, fast, reliable and cost effective cloud solutions
for remote workers. Empower your workers !


Why wait ask for an obligation free consultation, call us today !
Managed IT Services

Kloud & Co., experts are highly skilled and have the right tools to help you with your businesses I.T services. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve to help grow your business !

Apps & Websites

Website is a marketing brochure to showcase services on offer, creative designs, projects & sell products. Mobile apps provides your business to achieve a competitive edge by offering services on the go !

Cloud Solutions

Cloud specialists at Kloud & Co., work with you to identify what your business requirements are. Cloud services includes Office365, Amazon, Azure and Google. We offer a worry free comprehensive consultation !

IT Security

I.T security is some thing that is often ignored until it is too late. Kloud & Co believes in securing business data and devices is a first and a very important step towards securing your business intellectual property !

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